Relax with hot stones moving across your body as the oil sets. Fascia blasters and a cupping technique will help reduce the appearance of cellulite when applied with medium to deep pressure. A reviving lotion is applied that soothes and smooths the skin while repairing the collagen. Lastly, an extremely light technique is used to stimulate the immune system and activate the elimination of wastes.

$145/90 minute

Hot Stone


Heat will bathe your body with relaxation while the heaviness of the hot stones will rejuvenate your soul. The pressure for this massage is customized to your specified amount. You will leave feeling alive, healed and at peace.

$130/90 minute

Facial Awareness

Leave feeling like a new you.

After gently exfoliating the skin to open the pores, a therapist uses facial cups to apply a cupping technique to draw toxins in the tissues to the surface. Once to the surface, a homemade scrub is used to deeply exfoliate and cleanse, followed by an application of a Vitamin C serum to dark spots, wrinkles and other areas of concern to help regenerate skin cells. A great add on to any treatment or service.

$55/30 minute

Foot Bath Detox w/ Paraffin Hand Care

Whether the season is summer or winter, our feet and hands take a beating. Give your hands the extra care they need while drawing out toxins in the body through the feet. Ion foot bath cleanse is a great complimentary service to accompany a paraffin wax dip. Clothes stay on, client sits. Foot and hand massage at the end. For an extra $5, add on aromatherapy with this service.

$65/30 minute

Ask about 


It’s a wonderful treat for everyone at the office!


Kat's Swedish Fusion

Long, smooth strokes;  light to medium/firm pressure;  add on deep tissue. Enjoy this quiet, relaxing massage that promotes circulation. Choose a focus or allow Kat to balance the whole body. This is the basic massage with all of Kat's knowledge rolled into it.

$50 (30 minutes)

$80 (60 minutes)

$110 (90 minutes)

$145 (120 minutes)

Kat's Signature Hands

Purposeful, more involved and precise strokes dance along the body. Not only will you get a multitude of expertise in modalities, 4 hot stones and 2 hot towels are used to soothe muscle tension. The magnitude of modalities used range from friction, tapping, strumming, trigger point work, holds and stretches, stripping, cupping, myofascial release and lymphatic drainage.

$135 (90 minutes)

Myofascial Release

Breath and patience allows fascia and muscular structure the change. Slow, purposeful strokes using light to firm pressure.

$85 (60 minutes)

$115 (90 minutes)

$150 (120 minutes)

Lymphatic Drainage

Lightest of light pressure that stimulates the immune system as therapist facilitates in manual drainage of the lymph nodes.

$85 (60 minutes)

$115 (90 minutes)

$150 (120 minutes) 


The feet are our source to living a motion-filled life. Pay extra attention to the feet and hands, they are the map the our internal well-being.

$55 (30 minutes)

$80 (60 minutes)

$110 (90 minutes)

$145 (120 minutes)

Pre-Post Natal

Revitalize, recharge, relax and rehydrate your body with this light to medium pressure Swedish massage. Enjoy long, smooth strokes that outline the body’s curvature while defining and tending to achy points. Circulation of blood and oxygen resulting in cellular repair is encouraged through this massage.

$80 (60 minutes)

$110 (90 minutes)


Deep Tissue

Firm pressure;  concentrated in trigger point finding;  strumming and stripping. Some manual stretching facilitated by the therapist will be applied.

$10-30 (depending on duration / body-type being manipulated) 


Choose from an array of essential oil mixtures created by Moving Hands for your nasal wonderland. The scent journey you are about to embark plus the benefits the body receives is completely worth it.

$15 (massage duration)   

SNS (Shoulders, Neck, Scalp)

30 minutes of extra attention to SNS for those extra tense occasions. Ask ahead of time about the mini facial with cups, vitamin C and cold river stones to reduce puffiness and therapist will add this into the SNS mix.

$45 (30 minutes)


Add to your session 6 hot stones to help release tension areas. Promotes stress relief and relaxation. Ask ahead of time about mini facial with cups, vitamin C and cold river stones to reduce puffiness And therapist will throw this into the heat-O-licious mix.

$25 (massage duration)

The Works

Combine add-ons Heat-O-Licious and SNS for 30 minutes of hot stones and extra focus on neck and shoulders. Topping this add-on off with a mini facial and scalp adventure.

$55 (30 minutes)


This technique is used by many athletes to draw toxins, knots and adhesions up closer to the surface so that it may be massaged out more easily and effectively. Anyone can use it and in my experience it has helped best with cellulite, acne and with the releasing of stubborn knots.

$20 (massage duration)

Kineseology Taping

The concept of taping is to create space while adding a contact point the body can rely on. (Almost like wearing an ace bandage but better.)

$10-25 (for materials used) 

Sound Vibration

Enrich your session with the healing power of sound. Relax as the vibrations penetrate deeply into your cellular structure and realign your

chakras. Re-enter the world with a balanced flow of energy.

$15 (massage duration)